The Runaway

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By Nancy Lyons, July, 26, 2017 — My daughter, she was a baby, but she was walking, and she walked down to the corner store and I didn’t know it. To the guy I was seeing, I said, “Where is Kelly?” He said, Well, she was right here.” I said “Well, she’s not here now!” I go running, I’m looking all over the place, mind you, she was only two or three years old. She walked down to the corner store, and somebody asked if she was lost. They took her down to the police station, and they had all these animals there. I went there and said “Don’t you ever do that to me again!”

Another time my daughter threatened to run away, and she only made it to the stairs. I had given her a clean outfit and her toothbrush and I said bye! She sat at the foot of the stairs for about an hour. She said, “Can I come back in?” She was only about four or five. She got mad at me about something.

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