The Highest Rides

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By William Zack, Carol Swantek, Amy Dalessandro, and Nancy Lyons July 19, 2017 — When I was younger, I went to Conneaut Lake Park. Everyone talked me into riding The Spider, so I went onto the ride and I got a tingle! The arm stretch out, and they go around.

Carol: I went on a ride like that once and I got sick after.

Amy: Yeah I went once, that was about it.

Nancy:  I don’t go on anything high.

Amy: How about the Hell Hole ride, where it’s like a roto-rooter and the floor drops out?

Carol: Never! My father and I would watch that.

Amy: Yeah, never.

Carol: That would clean out your pockets!

William: I would go on the ferris wheel, and it was one that went upside down! It stopped, and here I am, upside down a ferris wheel! It got stuck. That’s the last time I rode a ferris wheel. I don’t ride the rides anymore, I’m no longer a young man.

Carol: I think strange things would happen to us if we rode them now.

William: When I go to Waldameer, I go to Kiddieland because I know I’m safe.


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