Struggles of Life

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By Sherry S. July 18, 2017 — I am the oldest of my siblings.  I use to work at the Cow Shed in Conneaut Lake.  The Cow Shed was where the college kids went on the weekend, they had great food.  One day my brother Keith (my middle brother) took me to work on his motorcycle and almost hit a manure truck. We laughed for a long time about that and what if we had gotten covered in that stuff.

I remember when I was about three year old, I had gotten really sick and went into convulsions. When we went to the doctor they told us it was the flu epidemic. Back then there weren’t all the tests and things that we have now so the doctor couldn’t diagnose something they had never seen before. We knew something more was wrong because my parents knew that the flu wouldn’t send me into convulsions like that.

After spending some time in the hospital I was diagnosed with what we know now days as Polio Disease. This diagnosis was founded in the year 1954. Doctors were still making house calls at that time. They were making a lot of trips to see me at home. I couldn’t do anything. I remember literally having to relearn everything, how to walk, talk, and even interact. Completely had to redevelop my being.

At five or six I started losing teeth. When they grew back in my teeth were just like caps per say, with the teeth growing in behind them. I remember my eyes needing corrected because of them becoming turned or swung they called it. It seemed like I just wasn’t normal or something, couldn’t catch a break. But through it all I still turned out to be carefree about everything. I try not to let things bother me. I have been through too much and am too appreciative of my gain from such a journey to let the struggles of life to pull me down.

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