My Protectors

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By Kim B., July 13, 2017 — As a teen I was bullied a lot.  I didn’t get invited places and it hurt.  I sucked into myself and avoided people for the most part. My brother Michael was always my protector. He died of cancer last October.

My mom passed away in 1985. Her name was Lois Katherine. She was a cashier/substituent cook at school. Kids picked on me because my mom gave me extra treats of food in line.

My cousins Jim and Doug lived with us during elementary school while their mom went to beauty school and started her business.

A boy named Kite called my mom fat lady, so my mom came out and went over to the table and gave him a big hug and told him, “God made me fat to hug a skinny boy like you.”

I had my first car one week before I had my permit.  It was a 1963 blue Chevy Impala I named Heavy Chevy.  I got my license in Titusville and passed the first try. Mom would not let me drive my car to school. One time my friend Brenda and I got Heavy Chevy stuck in the yard, I wanted my mom to call for a tow. My mom said get 2×4’s and get it out yourself.

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