My Background

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By Celene J., June 27, 2017 — I want to share with you some of my background. Before I was born, my parents lived in Cincinnati, Ohio on Hater Street. My father, James Scott “Jim,” was attending school to learn embalming. After my birth they moved to Seneca, Pennsylvania; and while I was an infant, my parents split up after my father had an affair with a friend of my mom’s. My grandmother never spoke well of my father and I never met him until I was 16 years old.  After my parents separated, my mom, Lois, was never around as she was attending the University of Pittsburg studying to be a nurse. Later she worked as a nurse and as a machinist. It was my grandmother, Louella, who raised me in the home my grandfather built. With my grandmother, I had a great childhood living in a Christian home. I remember how easy it was to give directions to my home because it had the only fire hydrant in town and everyone knew where that fire hydrant was located.

My grandmother was a dietitian. My grandmother expected me to attend bible school for two weeks in the summer.  I remember one time I decided I did not want to go so I pretended to be sick and stayed in bed. However, when bible school was over at noon I wanted to go out and ride my bike.  My grandmother was not having that, if I was too sick to go to bible school, I was too sick to go outside and play. I was upset with my grandmother and taunted her by calling her Lou.  She didn’t like being called Lou and decided I wasn’t going to skip bible school again.

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