Our name, “The Best Day of My Life So Far”, is grounded in the belief that the best day of your life could be when you share about the worst day of your life, because you are sharing it with people who really care to listen. Our vision is a world where people of all ages from all different social, economical and cultural backgrounds can experience the joy of genuine human connection.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization offering much needed, high-quality health services to older adults, for free. Our mission is to reduce older adult isolation and promote intergenerational engagement through storytelling. 11 million, or 28%, of older Americans are at risk for isolation. Isolation is the cause of many physical and mental health issues such as depression, diabetes and lung disease.  Isolation can also impair the immune system and increase cognitive decline. Additionally, isolated older adults face a 26% higher chance of early death.

Inspired by her friendship with her grandmother, Harvard-trained architect Benita Cooper started our organization modestly, with just pen, paper and a table which she borrowed for an hour every week at her local senior center in Philadelphia. Since then, our national team of volunteers have built pilot sites in diverse neighborhoods across the country to refine our storytelling model and reinforce its scalability. In 2017, we took our work to the next level by launching a digital Toolbox – personally created by Benita – in order to put the power in the public’s hands, and let everyone try what we have demonstrated in their own homes and neighborhoods. Hear Benita tell her story (the first chapter of our Best Day story!) here.

6 international research teams, as well as AARP’s top leadership at the national level, have evaluated our trademarked storytelling model and verified that it is an unprecedented and effective solution for reducing isolation with positive cognitive, psychological and health outcomes. See research details here. More proof of our impact can be found here, including support from the press, participant testimonials and case studies of transformations.

Story by story, we build and enrich intergenerational relationships. Our communication loop blends together face-to-face interaction and social media to be both intimate and inclusive, uniting us on a deeply personal level and as one beautiful and diverse nation. Our stories begin as handwritten words, committed to the physical page by the older adults who have lived them, and live on with the help of digital technology to inspire and mentor younger generations – making the past relevant and making the future bright. Our logo – which uses the colors of the sun to symbolize the warmth and radiance of our community – is a visual reminder of all of this. We hope every time you see it, it puts a smile on your face. Read more about what we do here and watch our video to get an even closer look.


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