Memories of Europe

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By Blanche Bowers, August 16, 2017 — My wedding day was really exciting, this was back in 1940. It wasn’t so glamorous, it was around the depression time. I was able to travel a lot, and one time I went to England. I saw Big Ben, and one thing I wanted to see was where they took off their boots and entered into the room. It was such a dumb thing, but I wanted to go. I did not get there though. Then we went to Scotland,  and they had this big bus on a little tiny road, and you wondered how the bus could fit in between the buildings. The bus driver knew what he was doing though. We saw the church where my girlfriend’s parents arrived and when they left Sweden, and the graveyard where her relatives were buried. To me, that was exciting. I loved history. We stayed in Germany for a couple of nights. Their fire prevention was a coal bucket and a fire hose on the wall. I also went to the Grand Canyon, from one continent to the other. I didn’t go down into the canyon but I got pretty close.

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