All it takes is a listening ear to get started.

Ready to listen to an older adult the Best Day way? Awesome! Get started with our Quickstart Tools below. Maybe you are new to our Best Day family (welcome!) and have never reached out to an older adult before. Maybe you have volunteered at a Best Day group for years (thank you!) Or maybe you have decades of professional experience serving older adults. Whatever your comfort level is at the moment, these tools are easily flexible to suit to your needs. Try them out to see for yourself!


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Want VIP access to our storytelling toolbox?

Our toolbox contains a full suite of guides and progress tracking forms for anyone interested in using our older adult storytelling model in their personal or professional life, anytime, anywhere. The Convo Starter Kit is for personal or professional one-on-one interaction; the Group Starter Kit is for starting an official storytelling group within our national network. Email us to tell us about yourself and how you will use the tools. We are currently granting exclusive access to our Toolbox to Story Cure sponsors and select individuals, and are happy to discuss details in our email conversation.