Keeping Busy

By Lydia, April 21, 2016 — Shannon, our intern, makes every day a good day! Like all of us older folks here, I have nothing to talk about and everything to talk about. When we come here, we socialize, and many of us otherwise spend a lot of time alone. I’ve loved having Shannon here.

Journey’s Way means so much to me that I named my daughter’s baby Journey. I have a confession. I used an apple to bribe her to get her to speak.

I specially love the weaving classes. I have done lots of other classes–I even made a bracelet and a pill box cover–but weaving is my favorite. You have to have socks on your hands to do it. I remember Hanifa from weaving. She had very poor eyesight, but she made beautiful things. She made a black and white pocket book and a blue and green one. They looked really professional.

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