I Don’t Play Baseball

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By Frederick Kuzmin, August 16, 2017 — I have a bad memory! This dates back to my college days. I was invited to play baseball, and I didn’t really play baseball, but I just went along with them. Of course, they were one short. I called them, I [told them I couldn’t] play baseball. They told me to just be the catcher. So we played the game, and it was the last inning. We were actually winning by one run at that time. The guy got a hit, he was out in the outfield, and he threw the ball from the outfield to me. And I couldn’t see, and bam! The ball knocked me out. I got hit right in the head. I wasn’t wearing a helmet; it was softball. Three runs scored, we lost, and everyone was mad at me. Back in the day, we were told to brush it off. I didn’t go to the ER. They never invited me to play baseball again.

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