Growing Up in Tidicute, P.A.

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By Kim B., June 27, 2017 — My grandad was born in 1895 and was a WWI veteran.  He had a speech impediment that runs in the family.  My mother, Lois, had five siblings and my father, Vance had ten siblings.  I come from a big family. I was born and raised in Tidicute, PA and I was the first and last child born in a hospital.  I am the youngest of six children and the only girl. My brothers are Paul, Kirk, Dennis, Brian and Michael.

My mom was a homemaker, a good cook and a self-taught seamstress.  She made the family holiday attire and kept me in frills. I remember my mom not liking it when I asked for a store bought dress once. My dad was a hard worker.  He worked in the steel mill as a sawyer and was self-employed as a logger and oil well.  I missed my dad, we only saw him on the weekend. My granddad helped my dad with the logging. My dad would let me come along when he was logging but I had to stay in the truck.  I would watch from the back window as they used the cant hook to move the logs. Our family worked together and each of us a part in each task. I remember spooning in the salt when we were canning.

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