Flying Bouncy Balls, Flying Teeth

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By Nancy Lyons, Carol Swantek, and Amy Dalessandro, July 19, 2017 — Nancy: I was about 11 or 12 years old. I got onto a ferris wheel and all of a sudden, I see a pair of teeth flying through the air! I thought, what in the world!? This lady was laughing so hard her dentures flew out of her mouth! I guess she was laughing because of the ride or something like that. So after she got off, I asked if she wanted me to help her find her teeth, and we found them. I think she had to go to the dentist to get them replaced. It was at an amusement park in Michigan, I don’t remember the name. I’m scared to death of heights. A bunch of us kids would get together and we would play hide and go seek in a cornfield.

Carol: We’d play hide-and-go-seek and yell “Apples peaches pumpkin pie, who’s not ready holler I?”

Nancy: Ante Ante Over, when you’d throw the ball over the roof of the house? We would play that, too.

Amy: I did too, over the roof, with a rubber bouncy ball, it was actually a lot of fun. You would just wait for it and then you would catch it sometimes.

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