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The Best Day of My Life So Far is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization, and your donations to us are tax-deductible. Type in any amount HERE to donate online, or send a check to “The Best Day of My Life So Far of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia” (1315 Walnut Street, Suite 320, Philadelphia PA 19107,) or pay over the phone by credit card (talk to Jamaine Smith at 267.597.3807.) CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia is our comprehensive fiscal sponsor – they monitor how our funding is received and used. We have engaged them in this role to provide clarity and accountability of our administrative processes to our donors.


How your donation will be used:

Our trademarked storytelling model is a solution to older adult isolation which is high quality, in demand, free to older adult participants, and proven by research to dramatically improve participants’ health and lives. In addition, our organization is run by volunteers, so every dollar goes back into programming and services. We need your financial help to carry on our important work.

Every dollar of your donation will be used to reduce older adult isolation. We will use it to expand our trademarked Storytelling Group Program to diverse sites nationwide, using our Story Cure Program as our key distribution method.

Funds will support the necessary digital and operational costs of our work, including:

  • Story curation, preservation and sharing via our Story Library, Newsletters, and Social Media
  • Digital engagement and progress tracking via our Story Tracker, Story Card and other submission forms in our full Toolbox
  • Community outreach events to bring generations together both during and after the events using our fun and simple Conversation Starter Tools


As our key expansion lever, our Story Cure Program trains professionals and volunteers to operate our signature, trademarked storytelling group model and offers them full attention and support over a five-month timeframe to ensure high-quality program implementation. For every $6,000 we can offer the program to 100 attendees in one city (excluding travel and event related costs which vary depending on city served,) giving each of these attendees exclusive access to all the tools and instructions in our Toolbox, and the power to impact the lives of up to 75-100 older adults and 20-30 young volunteers per year. See What We Do to find out more.

Donation of any size would be deeply appreciated – feel free to nominate a city with your donation.

Email us at if your company would like to sponsor this program, so we can come to your city!


Donation levels and donor gifts:

Words can’t express how much your financial support means to us. To express our appreciation, we have prepared a few gifts for you to choose from. We update our gifts regularly and like to mix in some seasonal surprises :) Please subscribe to our newsletter to see all our perks!


Limited time offer: donate $28 or more

Details coming soon, subscribe to our newsletter to find out more about our Graphic Tees, complete with stylish color options!


Donate $50 or more

We will give you VIP access to Benita’s Guide: “How to Have More Meaningful Conversations with Older Adults” featuring 4 steps, 16 tips, and 3 measures of success that you can use anytime, anywhere.


Donate $100 or more

We will add on a signed copy of The Best Day of My Life So Far storybook. AARP Foundation President opens the storybook with this message, “The words of these stories bring back the past, but more important than that, they fulfill our common human need to be heard, to be listened to, to connect. This inspired program, represented so movingly in this storybook, provides a safe environment for older adults to tell their stories, and the benefits are myriad.”


Limited time offer: details tbd

Details coming soon, subscribe to our newsletter to find out more about our Gratitude Brunch, a chance for you to say thankyou to a grandparent, parent or older friend in a way that neither one of you will ever forget!


Donate $150 or more

We will also offer the title of Corporate Sponsor to your workplace or a business you support. Email us at to talk about options. Let’s chat about how connecting with Best Day can improve your company’s brand and help you reach more customers, or how Best Day’s storytelling methods can improve your employees’ intergenerational communication skills with each other and with your customers.

PREMIER SPONSOR – $15,000 or above
PLATINUM SPONSOR – $5,000 or above
GOLD SPONSOR – $2,000 or above
SILVER SPONSOR – $500 or above
BRONZE SPONSOR – $150 or above


Meet our generous donors

Visit our Donor Wall to meet the generous people and companies who make our work possible. We love you more than words can ever express – thank you, Donors!