Day By Day

By Ernestine Garnett-Banas, Dec 5, 2017 — Day By Day


Some strive for perfection
Though it’s difficult to attain
Don’t go in the wrong direction
Worries created in vain

Do the best you can
No attention to your critics
Try to work within your plan
Others don’t need to be mimicked

Be mindful of your health
Follow doctor’s orders to a tee
It’s not about attaining wealth
Whatever will be will be

Take care of your home
Keep it safe, clean and secure
There is no need to roam
True love always endures

Leave good memories for your relations
Be kind to friends and kin
Enjoy food and libations
Is how you truly win

Don’t obsess about the future
It’s beyond your control
Make sure your heart is pure
Only the present can we behold

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