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By Celene J., August 8, 2017 — When I was in beauty school my friend and I would go to the fortune teller. The teller would always tell us not to tell each other what she told us. We always did. Cathleen and I got a job at the Boston Store. Cathleen was working in the Dorm Mother’s beauty shop and I was working in jewelry. We would always wait for each other so we didn’t have to walk to the dorm alone at night. I gradually stopped working there. A friend I went to beauty school with [and] got along well [with] and I got an apartment together. That went good until her boyfriend came in one weekend when I went home and when I got back I walked in and they were in the bed I slept in. I told her to get him out and change the sheets. She was always kissing on him in front of me. I got mad at her and told her from now on get a motel room.

My mom and step dad came to visit at my apartment and asked me to come home because my mom had cancer. Mom asked me to come home and take care of her even though she kicked me out a month ago. My mom told me it was because she wanted me to learn to be responsible and make something of my life. Since I was out of school and doing nothing, mom thought I would not do anything if she didn’t push me along. Earl, my step father, dearly loved my mom. Anything she wanted he got for her, she said I want a bay window right here and two days later he was having it done.

Mom needed 24 hour care and since her husband was a police officer, I went home and took care of her. All was good until one day I was doing the washing, I heard a loud thud and I got upstairs she was in the bathroom washing her clothes. She fell and got a cut above her eye. I cleaned her up. I asked her why she got out of the chair and her answer was I just did.

While I was caring for my mom, my mom and step father decided they wanted to have a baby before she got real sick. The first one was a miscarriage and the second try was my baby sister who was born on October 26, 1963, Glenna Jean Schultz was named after my mom’s professor. She was the cutest little girl with her blond hair. I would take her for walks she loved the walks; I never went far for long because [with] mom’s cancer I couldn’t be out for too long. I was born in 1947 and she was born in 1963, so there was quite a gap between us. She was smart as a whip. She was a computer specialist and travels all over the world. [Then she] decided to quit that and get her law degree and then went on and got a masters in psychology. After getting both of those degrees she decided not to continue in those career paths.

After my mom passed I met Keith. Every date we went on I took my sister along; she was 3 years old at the time. I ended up marring Keith. Earl didn’t think I should marry Keith.

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