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By Barb Winkleman, July 19, 2017

I remember when I used to go camping at my uncle’s camp all the time and had the time of my life and so much fun, like the time when the camp site always did Christmas in July. That would turn out a good weekend. We would have the table filled with food and alcohol —  lots of it. All we would do is eat and drink and play cards all night. We would stay up most of the night laughing so hard we would pee our pants and it was just the time of our lives! It was so sad when they got too old and they sold the camper because those days came to end.

Then a friend of mine had a hunting camp that he only used in the winter, He said we could use it in the summer time for camping for about 5 of us. He was very nice about it. He even put fans in it for us because it was really hot in there. He even put an air conditioner in there for us, how sweet of him! We would have really good times. Lots of memories that we all could have. Then the 5 of us were getting older, and some even got sick and passed on so it all came to an end. How I miss those days and time with my good friends, but I have all the memories!

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