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By Eileen G., July 13, 2017 — My son Boris was born in 1961. In 1962 my son Samuel was born and in 1964 twins Eric and Heidi.

Before my children were conceived, I would hear a baby cry.  That happened six times and I lost two babies.  When I conceived the twins I heard a second baby cry and knew I was having twins even through the doctors in both PA and OH said no.  I saw these doctors several weeks apart from each other because I was moving to Ohio and they said I was not pregnant with twins.

When we were moving we went to the Pink Pig restaurant between Titusville and Meadville and stopped to eat on our way to my parents’ house in Ohio. I started to have pains. On Sunday morning I called the doctor to say if having twins was like having one. [He said] I should have the baby between 6 and midnight.  I went to my mom and asked where my dad was. I needed to go to the hospital. One was born at 9:16 and the other at 9:28.  I interrupted my doctor’s baseball game.  My son looked like an American Indian baby. My daughter was born screaming, and I yelled “Ethan, don’t cry,” and the doctor said to me, “Are you going to call her Ethan? You have a girl!” No one was there with me because my parents and sister had gone home because mom said it was going to take hours.  My husband was in NY moving us. The twins were two days old before he got back.

I remember one day when Eric and I were walking down the quarter mile drive way to the mail box and a bird landed in a puddle in front of us and Eric said, “Look mom, he is taking a bath and washing his hair.”

My husband was an only child and bonded with only Boris.  When the twins were two he asked me about giving Eric away.

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