2 Daughters, 45 Great Grandchildren

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By William Zack, July 26, 2017 — I have 2 daughters living in Erie. The last time I counted, I had 45 great-grandchildren. One grandchild has 10 different children from 10 different fathers. My daughter Laurette was born in Springfield, Missouri. We kept her in the top drawer of the dresser, because we didn’t have a crib. We had a blanket in it, we had her head on one side on her feet on the other. We left the drawer open, and if she was crying, and we couldn’t take it anymore, we would shut the drawer.

(Everyone laughs. He is kidding.)

Then after she would quit crying, we would open the drawer. We keep razzing her about that. My other daughter was a little bit bigger. We had a crib for her. I made it. I make everything, I make furniture, I re-upholster furniture, I do everything. Laurette is an EMT at Emergycare, she took her test for Emergycare, she had to get a 78% and she got a 97%. I am real proud of her. She likes her job. Do you know one day they took her driver’s license? She was driving down 4th Street, had the lights and sirens going, and this idiot coming over for Street hit their ambulance. They took my daughter’s Emergycare license away because all Emergycare ambulances are supposed to stop at all white lines before they go through the red light. Now that doesn’t make any sense. Cop cars can go flying right through it, but if the Emergycare drivers don’t stop, they pull their driver’s license. She couldn’t drive her ambulance for 30 days.

My one daughter has five children, and out of those five, are 14 grandchildren. My other daughter has 4 children. I have 45 great-grandchildren combined. If we ever have a family reunion, God bless us.

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